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Free shipping on orders over $99 in the continental U.S. + a portion of every sale is donated to our local Pitbull Rescue!  

About Us


Hi! Thanks for stopping by my store! My name is Dana Price and I am the owner of Priceless Pits, a Philadelphia-based online apparel and pet gear company, specifically leaning toward the pitbull breed.


When I was a child my parents adopted a pitbull from a local shelter. Buddy was my first encounter with a pitbull and I adored him. Many of our family and friends are also pitbull owners, so I have been exposed to the breed for quite some time. Nine years ago my husband and I adopted an adorable little pitbull girl that we named Stella. She was found roaming the streets of Philadelphia and was picked up by the local SPCA. We saw her loving face on Petfinder and knew we had to have her. She is the sweetest most affectionate dog and we treat her like our baby – literally! Stella gets her daily walks and when she comes home she resigns herself to being a couch potato. She loves to be hugged, kissed and cuddled, just like a baby, and we are happy to oblige her. The face on our logo is our priceless pit, Stella.


As pitbull owners, we have learned about the major misconceptions people have toward the breed. The word pitbull tends to bring about negative attitudes from many people. There are also breed specific laws telling owners where they can and can't have a pitbull (really dislike). As a responsible pitbull owner (not everyone is, which is part of the problem), I wanted to find a way to bring positive awareness to the breed. They are not the big bad scary dogs that society leads us to believe.


Priceless Pits' goal is to be able to give back a portion of our profits to local rescues. We choose a different rescue each month to receive our donations.


Our products have been priced to be affordable, but still allow us to send a portion of the proceeds to no kill rescues, the main reason for starting this business. We have chosen quality materials that look and feel good and wear well. We love our pits and with your help, this beautiful breed will thrive.

Sizing Info

Men's/Unisex                   Chest To Fit

Small                                    31"-34"

Medium                              34"-37"

Large                                    38"-41"

X-Large                               42"-45"

2XL                                       50"-53"

3XL                                       54"-57"

Shirts are a modern fit and run small. If you want a looser fit, order a size up.

Women's Jersey/Tanks     Fits Sizes

Small                                            2-4

Medium                                     6-8

Large                                          8-10

X-Large                                    10-14

2XL                                            14-18

Shirts are a modern fit and run very small. It is recommended that you order ONE TO TWO sizes up. If you want a looser fit, order a men's/unisex in a smaller size.

Hoodies                             Chest To Fit

Small                                28"L X 21"W

Medium                         29"L X 23"W

Large                               30"L X 25"W

X-Large                          31"L X 27"W

2XL                                  32"L X 29"W

3XL                                  33"L X 31"W

Youth/Unisex                      Fits Sizes

Small                                         6-8

Medium                                   8-10

Large                                        10-12

Infant Bodysuit                  True To Size

Dean Russo Collection - The Mountain