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Pitbull Clothes for the Pitbull Lover

July 30, 2018

Pitbull Clothes for the Pitbull Lover

Here’s why our Pitbull Apparel Gives You a Run for Your Money

While pitbulls can be full of energy, they are certainly one of the most loyal creatures on earth. They possess a capacity to love hard and bring happiness to anything that comforts them. At this point, it’s not strange to see a pitbull and its owner walk down a sidewalk dressed in matching t shirts or hoodies.

We at Priceless Pits would find no better pets to advocate for than these awesome dogs. We specialize in a range of pitbull clothes including pitbull shirts, hats, hoodies, dog hoodies, and rope leashes.

Male pitbull lovers looking to appear classy while expressing their benevolence for pits wouldn’t get enough from our elegant t shirt collection. From just $21.95, you can get a striking ‘Keep Calm and Pet a Pitbull’ black t shirt in small, medium, and large sizes. Our shirts are 100% combed ring-spun quality cotton.Keep Calm and Pet a Pitbull Pitbull Shirt Black

Women and children’s pitbull apparel are uniquely made and range from $21.95 and $16.95 respectively. You can most likely spot a pitbull supporter in a crowd, just from their high-end clothes!

Mother Of Pitbulls Women's Pit bull T shirt Black

As for the pits themselves, there is nothing more admirable than a dressed dog. Those with a negative opinion of the breed would certainly have a change of heart when they come across one in a hoodie, supplemented by shades. Suddenly, they’re all smiles and want to meet them.


No BSL Pitbull Dog Hoodie

This is why You Should Consider Dressing up Your Pit

  • Pitbulls are among the many breeds of dogs that shed. Mostly between winter and spring. With their thin fur of coat, they’re likely to be exposed to harsh, cold weather. All the sudden, your energetic companion is dispirited and trembling. Not such a bad idea to get him/her a pitbull hoodie then, huh!
  • You’ve probably seen your pit rub against its skin with its feet an odd number of times. Apparently, pitbulls itch. Counter this behavior with our high-quality clothing that’s made from flawless material, not too rough, not too soft. Just the right texture.
  • A pitbull, being a family-oriented type of dog, is prone to suffer separation anxiety. Dressing him/her in a hoodie provides a sense of security for the anxious dog when you’re away.

Dog hoodies from priceless pit cost $25 and are 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They’re fitted with a kangaroo pocket and a convenient leash hole for effectiveness.


Want to look stylish with your pit? Visit us today for the most refined trends in pit bull apparel.

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Sizing Info

Men's/Unisex                   Chest To Fit

Shirts are a modern fit and run small. If you want a looser fit, order a size up.

Small                                    31"-34"

Medium                              34"-37"

Large                                    38"-41"

X-Large                               42"-45"

2XL                                       50"-53"

3XL                                       54"-57"


Women's Jersey/Tanks     Fits Sizes

Shirts are a modern fit and run very small. It is recommended that you order ONE TO TWO sizes up. If you want a looser fit, order a men's/unisex in a smaller size.

Small                                            2-4

Medium                                     6-8

Large                                          8-10

X-Large                                    10-14

2XL                                            14-18


Hoodies                             Chest To Fit

Hoodies are Unisex True-To-Size Fit

Small                                28"L X 21"W

Medium                         29"L X 23"W

Large                               30"L X 25"W

X-Large                          31"L X 27"W

2XL                                  32"L X 29"W

3XL                                  33"L X 31"W