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Apparel for Our Priceless Pits: Pit Bull T Shirt Apparel

March 15, 2017

Hi, my name is Dana and I am the owner of Priceless Pits, a Philadelphia-based, online apparel and pet gear company, specifically leaning toward the pit bull breed. Pitbull T Shirt ApparelOur line of Pit Bull accessories, including our popular pit bull t shirt apparel, gives pit bull fans a way to express our affection.  My favorite breed is the pit bull, but sadly, these dogs have been given a bad name and are highly misunderstood. Through no fault of their own, many of them have been bred for fighting, which has led to their bad reputations.  I have actually seen people go out of their way to avoid being near a pit bull for fear of an attack. As a pit bull lover, we know that spreading the word that pit bulls are as loveable as any other dog is important, and that is what our apparel line does. Each item in our apparel line carries a message of love.

Pit Bull T Shirt Apparel and Accessories

Like humans, our pit bulls need to be dressed for the weather. And, in all honesty, we want our pit bulls to dress in style. Our apparel line for pit bulls is fashionable, comfortable and designed to send a message of love. Out pit bull t shirt apparel is comfortable and 100% cotton. They shirts come in red, light natural, green, true blue, asphalt, black and white. Some of the messages displayed on the shirts are:


My goal for opening this business was to help area rescues who provide shelter for pit bulls until they find a forever home for them. A portion of every one of our sales goes to a local rescue. While we are a start-up company, as we grow larger we will increase the percentage we share with our area rescues.

We found our pit bull, Stella, through the SPCA and immediately fell in love with her. Stella is like our baby. She is playful, huggable, loveable and somewhat lazy. She loves laying in the front window to sun herself and once she is outside, she doesn’t want to come in. No matter who comes to our home, if they are sitting on the chair or couch, she feels the need to sit next to them, or even on them, and snuggle. And, like humans, when she sleeps she snores.

The following information on Pit Bulls was taken from

The Pit Bull--American's Sweetheart

“During the first half of the 20th century, the American Pit Bull Terrier was the closest thing the United States had to a national dog. Pit bulls were the dog of choice for famous personages such as Helen Keller, Laura Ingalls Wilder (of Little House on the Prairie fame), and President Theodore Roosevelt.

Meanwhile, pit bulls were chosen as mascots by the Buster Brown shoe company and by the United States itself, which featured pit bulls on American propaganda posters for each of the first two world wars.

Fittingly, the first dog decorated with medals by the armed forces was one Sgt. Stubby. In the First World War, Sgt. Stubby survived being twice wounded in combat, captured a German spy and saved his entire platoon from a poison gas attack.

In 1903, an American Pit Bull Terrier named Bud became the first dog to travel across the entire US via car. He accompanied the first humans to make a non-stop journey cross country by automobile, but his fame eclipsed theirs, as newspapers in cities across America featured a goggle-wearing Bud.

After WW II, pit bulls retreated to relative obscurity, accorded neither more nor less notoriety than other breeds. Surely, underground fighting took place, but this was only a small percentage of pits. Others were used for herding, hunting or guardian purposes, but most were bred and kept primarily as companions.”

You can find my favorite Pit Bull T Shirt and other apparel at this link:

Visit Priceless Pits for Fun Pit Bull T Shirt Apparel that Promotes Positive Awareness!

Show the world how much you love pit bulls. Shop our site for great Pit Bull T Shirt Apparel and more. Our shirts and hoodies are 100% soft cotton. Our dog hoodies have convenient leash holes and a helpful sizing chart included on the product page.  For more information or to sign up for our newsletter, visit Priceless Pits today!

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Sizing Info

Men's/Unisex                   Chest To Fit

Shirts are a modern fit and run small. If you want a looser fit, order a size up.

Small                                    31"-34"

Medium                              34"-37"

Large                                    38"-41"

X-Large                               42"-45"

2XL                                       50"-53"

3XL                                       54"-57"


Women's Jersey/Tanks     Fits Sizes

Shirts are a modern fit and run very small. It is recommended that you order ONE TO TWO sizes up. If you want a looser fit, order a men's/unisex in a smaller size.

Small                                            2-4

Medium                                     6-8

Large                                          8-10

X-Large                                    10-14

2XL                                            14-18


Hoodies                             Chest To Fit

Hoodies are Unisex True-To-Size Fit

Small                                28"L X 21"W

Medium                         29"L X 23"W

Large                               30"L X 25"W

X-Large                          31"L X 27"W

2XL                                  32"L X 29"W

3XL                                  33"L X 31"W