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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pitbull Dad

June 05, 2017

Father’s day is coming in a few short weeks. If you know a pitbull dad or a father who loves their dog like children, we have some gift ideas for you to share your love during Dad’s special day.

Four Gift Ideas for Pitbull Dads this Father’s Day

1) Pitbull Dad T-Shirt

pitbull shirt for dad

Make your Pitbull statement public with a customized pitbull dad t-shirt. Seeing your awesome dog dad wear Pitbull clothing creates a strong dog lover statement. (And it is a pitbull mom magnet!)


2) A Pitbull Dad Hat

pitbull beanie

Does your dad loves to take your dog out for a walk? Give him hair protection from the sun and cold wind by gifting him a cool pitbull dad hat or beanie! It’s also a great hair cover up whenever he needs to go our early in the morning without combing his hair!

3) A Pitbull Dad Hoodie

pitbull dad hoodie

Who doesn’t love a hoodie?  Especially one that gives them such style?  Be sure to make dad feel special all year round with his very own Pitbull Dad hoodie to show his love and affection to his best dog buddy!

4) A Pitbull Leash

pitbull leash

Having the wrong leash for walking the dog is a pet peeve for many pitbull owners. With our leashes, you are assured of the strength and quality of the material. With our different leash colors, you can mix and match the leash with your pet’s outfit for the day!

There are several ways to show recognition to our heroic fathers. Browse Priceless Pits’ clothing catalog for other cool apparel such as hoodies, hats, beanies, and matchy dog hoodies for your dad, mom, and for your pit bulls.

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